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General Plaque Information

MVP is now offering a great selection of plaques. We are proud to offer this line to provide a greater selection of products for our photofinishing customers.  These plaques are available now, so remember to get them added to your LEAP envelopes so you are ready for your next shoot.

Standard Plaques come in a beautiful veneer finish in either our Dark Walnut or White Marble finish.  The photographs are mounted in the acrylic “U-Fold” attachments and hold very well.

Sport Specific Plaques are available for your Baseball, Football, Soccer, and Basketball programs.  Each designer plaque can be presented in either a vertical format for an individual child’s 5x7 photo or in horizontal format for a team, coach or sponsor plaque.  The photographs for these plaques are mounted in an acrylic “Pop In”.

Personalized Laser Plating is available in Gold or Silver plating with letters cut out in Black. 
For Team, Coach, and/or Sponsor plaque plates has a sport logo and room for 2 lines of up to 35 characters to display the information you provide on the Job Summary Sheet.  (See the attached image for an example)
For all individual plaques you are given up to 3 lines of up to 25 characters to display the information for your league and year that you provide on the Job Summary Sheet.  The plaque also comes with a beautiful sport emblem on each one.  At this time we are not providing personalization for each individual child’s name.  (See the attached image for an example)
Note* Sport Specific Plaque plating is only provided for 2 lines of text for this individual format.
Plaque Assembly will be done here at MVP so that when the job returns to you the photographs are mounted and the plaques are packaged accordingly.
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